Mr Retic’s Reports


For this reticulation design and installation ¬†there were a lot of calculations made early on to make sure that the water was going to get to where it needed to go… In many cases in this install there would be no way to introduce extra plumbing later if needed as there was to be a …

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Old job

I just happened to be driving passed a job that I did last year in Darch this week. The wintergreen turf has really settled in and looking good. This project last year was Earthworks, Reticulation and a Turf. We used Toro balanced nozzles for the lawn and vortex garden drippers in the garden beds on …

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Laying Wintergreen

We laid 125sqm of Wintergreen turf today, after helping the client install their choice of reticulation last week. This garden is really starting to take shape with the new turf adding some good colour to support the native garden beds to come.  

Strange job

There are some retic service jobs you just can’t explain logically why the install was done the was it was. I came across one of these this week. The master solenoid had failed, it happens so no biggy there. It was where I found the solenoid to change it out which was interesting. The Master …

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