reticulation services in perth's northern suburbs

new reticulation installations

For either whole new reticulation system or connecting into the landscape design supplied by your builders home package. We will help you plan and design a Waterwise irrigation system that will last for many years to come. If you have decided to put in a bore then we can connect your system to it as well. Give Mr. Retic a call and we will come and discuss the best design and plan for your garden and green spaces around your home. No obligation whatsoever as quotes are free.

reticulation repairs

Whether you have faulty solenoids or broken wiring, misbehaving sprinklers or damaged and exposed pipe. We can also fix what some destructive pets, renovations, and new swimming pool installs have left behind. Give us a call to put your mind at ease.

renovations & alterations

We can help you design, adjust and plan your system to suit your changing garden needs.

our expert equipment

locating solenoids

If you’re having problems finding solenoids and don’t know where to start then give us a call. 99% of the time we can find them quickly and easily using our solenoid locator. For trouble shooting solenoid issues or wiring problems we use the Pro 48. It really cuts down the time needed to hone in on the problem. Isolate it and get you back up and running again.

tried & tested solenoids

We use quality ‘Tested’ Rain Bird Solenoids for our Master Valves for our installations and repairs. As that have been tested by the manufacture to ensure that they are at the best preforming efficiency and workmanship. And proven reliable Richdel Solenoids as our station valves. These are so great for easy maintenance when solenoids need to be serviced.

diy advice

If you are trying to fix your own reticulation and have gotten stuck then you are welcome to call and ask our opinion. Chances are we will be able to assist you over the phone and it won’t cost you a thing.