If you are North of the river in Perth and need a new retic controller, we can advise, supply and install the best system for you. The following are some of the Retic Controllers that we provide and install on a regular basis. To learn more about retic controllers and how Mr Retic can save you money, water and make your life easier contact us today.


As a smart reticulation controller, this controller can be operated from your mobile or tablet devises simply by using their app. Linked up to a local weather station for a fee or to the or one of the selected free ones around Perth. Alternatively a personal onsite weather station can be loaded into this retic controller for more accurate readings.

With the addition of the Hunter flow meter installed in the main line of your irrigation system the reticulation controller will send you alerts letting you know if the is an issue with your system. For example if there if one of your stations is using more water than it regularly does. Where this could possibly mean that a sprinkler is broken and might need fixing or a solenoid has failed.


I have been installing these retic controllers for years now, and I find them to be the the most reliable and easy to use over a lot of the other retic controllers that are out on the market. Their quick dial menu options are easy to understand, combined with the moderate digital display and responsive soft menu selection buttons. These retic controllers has an easy start test cycle that when finished will automatically revert back to the programmed watering schedule. Also to help you stay waterwise this reticulation controller allows you to manually change and program seasonal adjustments, keeping you inline with your gardens watering requirements. Additionally the Hunter X-Core can be connected to its smart ET weather station the Solar Sync. As explained above this weather station calculates the daily and seasonal temperatures and automatically adjusts the reticulation controllers run time settings for the individual stations.
programming your retic