new reticulation installations

helping our clients to create waterwise gardens

Are you looking for a whole new reticulation system or need to install the rest of your garden reticulation to your existing builder’s landscape design? 

At Mr Retic, we’ve got you covered! Our mission is to design a Waterwise irrigation system that lasts for years, helping you create a lush and thriving garden and lawn that will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

If you are considering getting a bore installed, we can seamlessly integrate your new bore to your new retic system too.

how to get a retic quote from mr retic

Getting a quote for your dream reticulation system is a breeze with Mr Retic! 

For just $99, we can come out and conduct an on-site assessment of your area and discuss your reticulation requirements on site. We will be able to perform a flow rate test and measure out your area.

If you want to avoid the call-out fee to obtain a quote from us, you can send us all the information we require along with images and measurements so we can provide a quote to you. 

The type of information we need to provide you with a quote will include;

  • Clear pictures of all the spaces you are needing reticulated.
  • Clear dimensions of all these areas.
  • Where the water meter is located on the property along with the measurement of the mains water meter to the first garden bed / area you want the retic to.
  • A clear plan of your garden plans, including what you have planted or plan to plant, including grass, paving/concrete & retaining/edging.
  • What access is like to the rear garden including the measurement of the narrowest access point.
  • The gradient of your block from the water meter.
  • If you have paving or walls that will need to be mined under. If so, we will need images and dimensions of these areas.
  • A flow rate test to let us know how many sprinklers & type we can install on each station – find the instructions to do a bucket flow rate test here.
If you do not provide all this information, we can not give you a fixed price quote, the best we can do is provide ball-park figures. 

If you have existing retic we are joining to we will need to get some more information from you, including what controller you have and how many stations you have available on the controller. 

Once we have all the information we can then create a reticulation plan and quote for your garden spaces around your home. 

Contact us today by sending us an email with the details above to get a quote for your new reticulation system, and help you create a garden that will leave your neighbors green with envy!