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We Source and Install the Best Retic Controller for You

When choosing a new reticulation controller for any irrigation system we design or replacing a control box that is faulty or passed it prime, we find a retic controller that is going to work best for you and your needs. Doing so, our customers enjoy a better understanding of their whole reticulation system and stay waterwise for our Perth climate.

We Only Supply Retic Controllers That Are EASY to Use!

Some retic controllers can be easy to operate and others can be a down right struggle even just to set the date.

Retic controllers range from digital timers that you can hook up off your nearest tap, to being able to operate your system from anywhere in the world with its wifi connection and weather forecasting abilities. As we pride ourselves on knowing what the latest technology is out on the market, we can pretty much say that we know the in’s and out’s of the majority of these retic controllers.

Go Smart And Save!

For our most recent reticulation installations most of our customers have been asking for the new wifi smart reticulation controllers. Whereby these reticulation controllers not only can be accessed by your smart phone, tablet or pc; they can also be linked up to your local or onsite weather stations. This allows the irrigation controllers to forecast the local weather and either reduce or increase the watering requirements for the gardens needs.

From the research that I have seen, as well as having one of these retic controllers on my own home, I have seen the huge benefits of their water saving capability. In my case it has increased mine by an additional 20% after my redesign totalling 41%. However, in some cases, these retic controllers can save up to 50% of the watering requirements.

The high water savings from these smart controllers have come from the redesigning and installing efficient waterwise reticulation installations. In most cases, these smart reticulation controllers can save about 30% without any changes to your irrigation system. These controllers use a form of ET (evapotranspiration) which is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth’s land and ocean surface to the atmosphere. Evaporation accounts for the movement of water to the air from sources such as the soil, canopy interception, and waterbodies.