retic repairs & retic services

in perth's far northern suburbs

At Mr Retic, we are your trusted reticulation experts for properties based in Perth’s far northern suburbs. 

We offer comprehensive retic repairs and retic services to ensure your garden stays well-watered. Mr Retic is a skilled technician and is well-versed in handling all aspects of reticulation repairs, from sprinkler adjustments to controller reprogramming. 

With our reliable reticulation services, your garden will receive the watering it deserves, helping your garden flourish, whether it is full of greenery, edibles or beautiful blooms. 

Trust Mr Retic with your garden’s watering needs – Contact us today for unmatched reticulation repairs and services.

reticulation repairs - leave your reticulation worries to us

At Mr Retic, we understand how vital a well-functioning reticulation system is for your garden’s health and beauty. 

Whether you’re dealing with faulty solenoids, troublesome wiring, misbehaving sprinklers, or damaged and exposed pipes, Mr Retic has the expertise to handle all reticulation repairs – no reticulation challenge is too big or too small for us.

We know that life can sometimes throw unexpected obstacles in your garden’s way – from mischievous pets wreaking havoc to the aftermath of renovations or even the impact of new swimming pool installations. But fret not! With Mr Retic on your side, you can bid those worries goodbye.

At Mr Retic, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions that go above and beyond. We are even happy to try and find solutions to your retic issues that others have deemed too hard. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality guarantee can put your mind at ease that we can efficiently address any retic issues we encounter to get your reticulation system back to it’s optimal condition.

Contact Mr Retic today and let our expertise bring life back to your garden, ensuring it remains a stunning oasis for years to come.

reticulation services

It is always better to maintain your equipment, rather than putting out spot fires (aka leaks in your retic system).

We are able to book in regular reticulation services, where we come out every 8-12 weeks, test your system and make repairs as needed. We can also assist strata companies manage their large garden irrigation systems to help keep their retic in tip top condition and reduce water wastage.

Don’t wait for your retic system to spring leaks before calling us out, book us in for your regular retic servicing.

At Mr Retic, we believe in proactive maintenance to ensure your reticulation system stays in tip-top condition, rather than just putting out spot fires, aka leaks in your retic system.

Take advantage of our regular reticulation services, where we can visit your property at least once a year to perform thorough testing and necessary repairs. With our proactive approach, we’ll keep your system running smoothly, preventing potential issues before they escalate. We do also recommend our clients test their own systems every month to make sure their system is running as it should.

For strata companies with large garden irrigation systems, we offer specialized assistance to manage and maintain their reticulation systems efficiently. By reducing water wastage and keeping the retic in optimal shape, we help enhance the greenery of strata complexes while saving on utility costs.

Don’t wait for leaks to surprise you; be proactive and book us in for your regular reticulation servicing. With Mr Retic by your side, your garden will flourish, and your reticulation system will remain reliable and efficient.

garden renovations & reticulation alterations

Embarking on a garden renovation or installing a sparkling new swimming pool? Look no further than Mr Retic to handle all your reticulation alteration needs with precision and expertise.

Mr Retic can provide seamless reticulation alterations to existing retic systems. Whether you need to reposition sprinklers, add new zones, or reconfigure the entire setup, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and tailor our solutions accordingly, ensuring your garden gets the exact care it deserves.

In preparation for your swimming pool installation or concrete/paving work, we can efficiently cap off reticulation to safeguard your system (or new pool or concrete/paving) from any potential damage. With our meticulous approach, we’ll ensure the process is smooth, allowing you to proceed with your project without any reticulation worries.

With Mr Retic by your side, you can revamp your garden with confidence, knowing that your reticulation alterations are in the hands of experts. Contact us today and let’s embark on this exciting transformation together.