mr retic pricing

On our website we try to give you as accurate an estimate as possible for Mr Retic pricing so that you won’t get any surprises down the track.

reticulation / irrigation installs

Installations: Are always on a location by Location inspection and design, but the following “set up costs” can be expected:

  • Retic cut with non-return and check valves by licensed waterwise plumber $220.00 + GST
  • Hardwiring of controller by a Licenced Electrician $180.00 + GST
  • Electronic Controller $200.00-$550.00 + GST (depending on what Reticulation Controller is chosen)

To give you an idea of what to expect for installing a new reticulation system.  The best guess estimate  for a 4 x 2 home on a 600m block with 5 or 6 stations is usually around $3400.00 + GST.

For a front irrigation installation on this size of a home would be around $2100.00 + GST and therefore a rear installation would typically be around $1300.00 + GST.

As we get super busy with reticulation work, we are not able to commit our time to come to site and give free quotes.

However, if you can send us your site plans or photos with measurements of the area needing turf and/or retic installed, with as much information as you can, we will be able to provide a formal quote for the job without attending site.

If you would like us to come and do a formal quote on site, our Call Out fee of $90 will apply.

reticulation / irrigation service work

Irrigation Service Work/ Retic Repairs: $90.00 for the first quarter hour and then $25.00./quarter hour after that (plus any parts used) + GST.

Some typical costs:

New Replacement Station Solenoid – $130-$200
New Master Valve – $150-$250
Minor Reticulation service – $130
New Control Box Installation and Programming – $350-$550
Solenoid Detection and Location Finding – $150.00-$300

rural irrigation & reticulation

We mainly focus on residential reticulation and only carry standard sized fittings and pipe.

Please do note that we do not carry rural fittings or pipe, so additional charges will apply for rural / non standard sized fittings and the purchase of blue line / red line pipe.


There are many varieties of turf, but these are the most popular including Mr Retic Pricing for each turf variety:

Mr Retic: reticulation repairs for rentals and investment properties


Is a fine leaf couch lawn and requires 5+ hours a day of direct sun light to preform well.

It costs between $13.00/sqm – $20.00/sqm + delivery (usually around $120.00) supplied and laid + GST.

softleaf buffalo

Both Sir Walter and Palmetto are great thicker leaf Buffalo lawns that look great all year round.

Costs range between $17.00/sqm – $22.00 + delivery (usually around $120.00) supplied and laid + GST.

empire zoyzia

This is the turf they are calling the turf of the future – it is very popular at the moment, because of it low allergies and water efficiency. Also because of its ability to thrive in our WA climate. Its resistance to sea water makes it a great option for the coastal properties.

Costs range between $17.00/sqm to $22.00sqm + delivery (usually around $120.00) supplied and laid + GST.

laying turf

In turf laying we assume the following:

  • the ground has been prepared and is approx 20ml below desired finish height for Wintergreen and 40ml for Buffalo turfs.
  • the soil has been levelled and raked free of rocks and debris for best growth.
  • any soil conditioner has already been added ( However we are able to supply and spread this if not done).

*If not completed we can quote on these works.

When we come we will:

  • screed the area to get the soil smooth and level
  • spread the dynamic lifter (lawn starter), and wet the area activating the fertiliser
    lay the chosen turf
  • compact the lawn to start root growth
  • sweep the area and clean up
  • give you written instructions on how to maintain your new lawn

The excess turf and wastes will be left on your block to dispose of.

We can also:

  • remove excess dirt ($200.00/trailer load + GST).
  • supply and spread soil conditioner ($180.00/trailer load + GST).
  • remove all wastes – price depends on volume but usually $125.00 + GST covers it.

All turf is guaranteed to be supplied in top condition and laid according to best practice, however Mr. Retic cannot be responsible for the ongoing health of the turf. Adequate watering / weeding / mowing / fertilizing will all ensure the turf will remain healthy.