Reticulation & Turf Installation 

It was a cold start to the day doing this winter Reticulation and Turf Installation I was glad to see the sun come out as I was re-installing the reticulation.

This client had asked me to review their retic installation as they were not entirely happy with the original outcome. I really don’t like to give negative comments or critique others work; unfortunately I have come across a few of these retic and turf installations lately where the standard is not up to par.

We were able to great revamp on this property and really make this front yard shine for this home. After changing and positioning the sprinklers and adjusting the nozzle configuration so that the was minimal over spray. We lifted the laid turf and levelled off the turfed area so there were no low or high points or trip hazards as there were previously. Then dropped in the new Sir Walter Lawn and compacted it in to stimulate the new roots to take.

I’m really glad that we could look after this home and give it the uplifting look that it deserves so it can be the envy of the street.