Sprinklers Eaten by Lawnmower – or Not?

Lawnmowers and sprinkler heads

What really happened?

Let’s set the scene:

The sprinkler head breaks off. The lawnmower, the kids, or any other handy “culprit” gets the blame.

Sound familiar?

Take a look at the scene of this crime.

In this case, all the usual suspects get off scott-free . . . This sprinkler head is set too high, making it an accident waiting to happen.

I’m unsure how the previous retic guy thought it was ok to leave the sprinkler like this. Best practice is to have the sprinkler head no more than 1/2 inch above ground. This ensures that a lawnmower can easily pass over without having the lawnmower eat the sprinkler head!

Missing Isolation Valve

At this job, the isolation valve was also nowhere to be found.

After an hour of looking and digging, the isolation valve was finally found buried (and now corroded).

We recommend using a valve box if the isolation valve will be underground.

Need help with your retic?

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