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Reticulation Repairs, Alterations and Lawn Care

What a change can be made when you know how your reticulation system had been designed.

Also understanding the benefits of being waterwise, knowledgeable of the local environment and irrigation systems. We have taken this almost dead lawn and turned it around in a matter of weeks. Mostly by understating the the sprinkler nozzles that were used in the installation. Changing the station run times accordingly and additionally change the watering times.

As this location is a windy area, the best watering time for this property was the first thing in the morning when the winds where at there least. It also helped that this is when photosynthesis starts and the lawn is starting to wake up and start to drink.

In doing so with these changes for this Perth’s northern suburbs property we have used all the elements to deliver the best out come for this home and regulate these green spaces for the better. With ongoing lawn care and reticulation maintenance this property will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Mr. Retic

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