Clarkson Catalina Estate Backyard Retic & Turf Installation

A brand new look for this brand new home…

Reticulation & Turf Installations

This back yard stated with a field of rocks and bricky sand. We were able to improve the foundations of this back yard with the introduction of new soils, removal of the rocks and brick layers sand. This has given some great foundations for the new palmetto buffalo lawn. These additions will also protect the lawn from the harsh pool chemicals, keeping this back yard lush and green.

Irrigation Installations Reticulation installation Reticulation Installation


As this backyard gets only 4 hours of direct sunlight a day we chose the Palmetto Buffalo turf which is the most shade tolerant buffalo lawns. The Palmetto Buffalo turf also has a great tolerance to the WA climate and can hold its strong green colours in the summer.

Reticulation Repairs

The irrigation system that we designed included the latest waterwise water saving techniques and equipment. The Hunter ET (evapotranspiration) weather station that was installed monitors the local weather and makes fine adjustments according to the weather warmer or cooler. Automatically motoring the programming fulfilling the watering needs of the plants/hydro zone requirements saving water and there water bill.