How to Save Water in Your Garden

Conserving water in your garden | saving water in your garden with Mr Retic

Saving water in your garden is not only good for the environment but can also help you save money on your water bill. Here are some tips to save water in your garden:

  1. Water only when necessary: Over-watering can lead to water wastage and can also harm your plants. Check the soil moisture level before watering, and only water when the soil is dry to the touch.
  2. Use a drip irrigation system: A drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the roots of your plants, minimizing water wastage and evaporation.
  3. Mulch your garden: Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for watering. It also helps suppress weed growth and insulates the soil, keeping it cooler in hot weather.
  4. Group plants according to their water needs: Plants have different water requirements, so group them according to their needs. This allows you to water each group according to their requirements, reducing water wastage.
  5. Use drought-resistant plants: Choose plants that are adapted to your local climate and require less water. Native plants are a great option as they are already adapted to your area.
  6. Collect rainwater: Collect rainwater in a barrel or other container, and use it to water your garden. This not only saves water but also reduces your water bill.
  7. Use a broom to clean driveways and patios: Instead of using a hose to clean driveways and patios, use a broom. This saves water and is a good form of exercise.

By following these tips, you can save water in your garden and help conserve this valuable resource.

If you are in Perth’s Far Northern Suburbs (north of Warwick) and need some assistance with your garden irrigation system contact us to arrange a job for us to come and help make your garden waterwise.