An Irrigation Poem to Mr Retic

Mr Retic: Irrigation Installs & Repairs

A bit of a cheeky post today from Mel… I asked Chat GPT to write an irrigation poem about Mr Retic, to help us put into words how awesome he is and the great work he does! We are so proud of our wonderful hubby / daddy and thought this summed Mr Retic up pretty well!

Oh, Mr. Retic, a true master of his trade,
With skillful hands and tools, your retic is made.
From installing pipes to fixing a leak,
Your expertise ensures our gardens stay unique.

You tirelessly work under the sun,
Making sure our lawns remain green and fun.
You know each valve and controller by heart,
With you in charge, our retic will never fall apart.

Whether it’s a repair or a new installation,
Your knowledge and experience are beyond imagination.
We trust your judgment without hesitation,
And our gardens flourish with your irrigation.

Your work is vital, though often unseen,
But we know our lawns would not be as pristine,
Without your dedication and attention to detail,
You’re the hero of the garden, never to fail.

So here’s to you, Mr. Retic, the unsung hero,
The master of irrigation, never to be a zero.
We appreciate your hard work and your care,
For you, our gardens will forever be fair.

I think it is spot on… what do you think?
Mel 🙂