Winter Water Use

Retic Control Box Repairs

G’day Guys,

If you haven’t realised already it the 1st of June tomorrow and it has come that time of year again to turn off your Retic control boxes.

The Water Corporation calls the 1 June to the 31 August their “Winter Sprinkler Ban”. So don’t get caught out, as on the spot fines start at $100. If left unattended can reach $500+
Hand held watering and maintenance testing is still allowed. As well as watering exemptions for new lawns by the autumn/winter guidelines.
If you have a bore you are allowed to sill water one day a week; so that the bore does not seize up over the winter months. You need to get an exemption from Water Corporation on 131039.

However if you have a malfunctioning control box you’ll get stung.

For most control boxes all you have to do is turn dial to the off position. But if your having trouble feel free to give us a call and we try and talk you through it over the phone. 0452227204 or through the website