Waterwise Reticulation Know Your Sprinkler Run Times

water wise

I see what the Water Corp is getting at here; and if you want a general overview of the products that are in the market place at the moment like the ones Bunnings, Masters and some irrigation shops use you would probably be on the right track.

However I have have found it too often this season that there have been a lot of places under watering as they have been following the ads on TV. You really need to know your how your system has been set up and what nozzles have been used in the process, as some sprinklers need an hour to deliver the same amount of water another only needs 10 minutes.

To better understand you sprinkler run times have a look at the following and see what will work best for you and your green spaces around your home.

Reticulation and Turf Sorento
Hunter MP Rotator
Requiring from 45 – 60min run time
Reticulation Northern Suburbs
Toro Balanced MPR’s
A 10 – 15min run time is needed
Reticulation Installations Waterwise installations
Micro Spray
10 – 15 minutes of run time works best.
Reticulation Installations Reticulation Repairs
Hunter PGJ Gear Drive
This sprinkler needs a run time of 30min
Reticulation Mindarie
Dripline Irrigation
30 – 40 minutes of run time is needed for this to water effectively