Summer Retic Installations

Waterwise WA


We were doing a few reticulation & turf installations in the Perth hot weather over the last few weeks. Here are a few picks of one of our latest.

Retic Control Box

Waterwise installation that for years to come will look good and keep this Mindarie home cool in the summer months. We used the trusted Hunter MP Rotator nozzles for this front lawn. With great head to head coverage there will be no need for extra watering.

The Empire Zoysia turf that we installed on this job, continues to be impressive and proving to really preform in our hot WA climate . Empire Zoysia has a great root depth to soak up all water delivered some other great things about this turf is that it can handle both the intense sun and shade. Being so close to the coastline with this reticulation and turf installation the Empire Zoysia really holds up well to this salty sea breeze.

For this front yard we also dug out 120mm of the sandy and rocky Mindarie soil, and put back in 100mm of good clean special lawn mix that will help hold the water for the plant to drink it all. Rather than letting it run threw our Perth sandy soils.

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