Reticulation Installation Challenge

Mr Retic | Reticulation Installs

This job turned out to be a great backyard Install. The home owners had been saving up for a while to make sure they got everything they wanted.

Other reticulation/irrigation installers said that it wasn’t possible running a reticulation system right off the mains water supply and they would have to use the rear tap option.

This is where my competitiveness and passion for this industry really comes into play as a waterwise specialist for this reticulation install.

We always try our best to fine the best solution for our clients. And we know connecting to the houses mains water supply give you the best out come for your home.

Also have a reticulation controller hardwired is a lot better than using a battery powered option.

Not only were we able to provide a great irrigation design for this reticulation install, we were able to improve the soil, connect to the mains to get the true pressure and flow needed and also hard wire the Reticulation controller. The hard wired controller ensures the client has an easy to operate waterwise system.

The lime green Palmetto Buffalo was an ideal choice to really complete this backyard. For a great area to play and entertain for years to come.