MP Rotator

If you have a large area to water, MP Rotator sprinkler nozzles may be a great solution for you.

The MP Rotators have 4 different ‘throw’ distances, and 3 arc choices. The throw available is from 2.5m right up to 10.5m with a regular sized nozzle with 10mm/hr precipitation rate. We know that many home owners would rather the regular sized pop ups rather than using large gear drive sprinklers to get coverage.

When we are designing a reticulation system for larger back yard or front yard lawn areas we will use the area measurements to determine the most waterwise efficient sprinkler choices. Using MP’s in these cases ensures that you receive a great sprinkler coverage without an over-abundance of sprinklers popping up out of your lawn!

The MP Rotator nozzles are great for helping you keep your garden waterwise. They reduce water use on your lawn by up to 30% due to their slower application rate. This allows the water to gently soak into your lawn. It does mean that your reticulation watering run times will be longer, but with increased watering efficiency.

Another advantage of the MP Rotators is that we can water odd shaped areas due to the adjustable arcs. The nozzle also ‘flushes’ itself as it pops up, and again before it pops down. This helps keep the nozzle free from foreign debris that could affect the spray of the sprinkler. See the video below to see how they hold up with debris, and the flow type.

The labour component of installing MP Rotators is a bit longer than standard nozzles. However, the rewards pay for themselves by having longer adjustable throws with adjustable arcs, and less sprinklers on your lawn. Less sprinklers means a decrease in the materials being used and less water being used in the long term.

If you are needing a new waterwise reticulation system send us a quote request. Don’t forget to send us your plan & sizes.

If you wanted some more information on the MP Rotators, you can find it here at Hunter Industries.