Mindarie Retic and Turf Install

Mr. Retic 019It was a bit of a rocky start to say the least on this reticulation installation. I was glad I had the trencher with me as it really carved up through the Mindarie rocky grounds.

Mr. Retic 059

For this reticulation install we used Hunter MP Rotator nozzles. They work perfectly for the spacing from the edge of the verge to the retaining wall, with a nice slight overlapping arc from sprinkler to sprinkler. The irrigation design for this property has saved in access of 30% water usage creating real on going savings.

Mr. Retic 073Mr. Retic 077

After screeding the area level, and taking some of those Mindarie boulders away. We covered the area with a recommended slow release turf fertiliser to promote a healthy start and growth of the new turf.  The chosen Wintergreen Couch lawn looked magic rolling out.

Mr. Retic 080

We went out the other day to see how the lawn had taken after the water exemption had expired, and the turf has really settled in nicely.

Mr.Retic 089