Chewed Retic Pipe – has your Dog or Bunny got to your retic?

Chewed Retic Pipes - Mr Retic Reticulation Repairs in Yanchep

Chewed retic pipe can be super frustrating, especially when you have a repeat offender that has chewed a fair bit of your retic pip and sprinklers! We were called out to fix a retic system in Yanchep last week, and this is what was found in the back yard.

One of the most common damages to reticulation systems is from pets having a nibble on the retic pipes and sprinklers. There is just something about water spraying from a pipe that attracts pets. Often it is their love of water, or for some it is their hate of water… and others just love chewing and the sprinklers are right there at their height – prime position to chew!

There are some products on the market that stop pets from chewing on the retic, if you have a pet that is destroying your reticulation, perhaps give them a go – it might just save your retic!

If you have a bunny that is enjoying the retic pipe as a chew toy, perhaps remove them from the area with the retic or cover the reticulation pipe to stop them accessing the pipe.

If you are in the Northern Suburbs of Perth and find you have chewed retic pipe, send us a message and we can book you in to get your reticulation system working again.