Is it OK to use cheap sprinklers?

cheap sprinklers or expensive sprinklers?

If you want to replace them more frequently then go for it, use the cheap sprinklers.

Before Mr Retic became a reticulation specialist we spent a lot of time in Bunnings – the big green warehouse of fun. This is where most people go to purchase their cheap sprinkler parts. Bunnings sells a range of brands at different prices, but if you aren’t too sure what you are looking at, you don’t know which ones are good to buy.

We used to buy the cheap sprinklers, and we used to replace them A LOT!

Now that I am a reticulation specialist, I have a better understanding of reticulation parts than I used to have. Now we refuse the cheap sprinklers and opt to use good quality, reliable sprinklers.

Here at Mr Retic, we only use Toro LP sprinkler bodies with MPR Nozzles. We have found these to be a very good, reliable option for both lawns and large garden areas. We also have options for large distances and low pressures using the same sprinkler body and simply swapping out the nozzles.

The best part – even with the recent stock shortages we were to keep our customers supplied with quality sprinklers and provide great solutions to their retic needs.

If you have any retic issues or if you are having reticulation problems, contact us to book us in to come and fix it all up.