Retic Control Box

Reticulation Control Box
Reticulation Control Box
Retic Controller
Failing Retic Control Box

These are the most common control boxes that I have found failing at the moment. They are one of the most common reticulation issues especially in suburbs like Butler, Carramar, Banksia Grove, Clarkson and Mindarie where these controllers were installed as part of the landscaping package.

What you should know about these control boxes is that there is NO fuse! And the little battery symbol with a line thru it doesn’t mean there is a problem with the battery. There is NO battery for this unit. 
What this reticulation controller is trying to tell you with this fault is either or both of the following issues. 

1) There is a fault with one of the stations solenoids or master valve

2) The Retic Controller is malfunctioning.

We can run some tests to prove which one it is. A tell tail sign that it is the control box is that your reticulation system will come on for a few seconds, then shut off again. 

 If everything looks good  with the control box then it will be most likely be one of your station solenoids.