Pocket Money Tips

pocket money tips from the home of Mr Retic

We are one week of school holidays down, and another week to go for most Perth families. I thought it would be fun to share one of our pocket money tips with you all.

If your kids are like ours and want to go everywhere and spend money like it grows on trees, why not encourage them to earn themselves some pocket money?

The winter weeds are in full force at the moment – so why not pay them for weeding the garden?

WARNING – don’t do what Mel did!!

Mel offered a fixed amount per bag of weeds. Our 11 year old negotiated the pay rate to 10c a weed with roots attached.

It seemed legit as she was sure the kids would spend 15 mins and decide they were done. Winning on the pocket money front… nope!

Guess how many weeds Mel had to count to pay out on the agreed price per weed? Hint: they were counted in lots of 100 ($10 per bundle).

Not only was Mel fleeced by the kids, but the time she saved by getting the kids to weed the garden was short lived. Mel spent more time counting the weeds, than pulling the weeds herself, and had to pay out a total of $125 between the kids!!

Needless to say, Mel now counts by half bag of weeds at a fixed price!! 😂😂😂

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