For this reticulation design and installation  there were a lot of calculations made early on to make sure that the water was going to get to where it needed to go… In many cases in this install there would be no way to introduce extra plumbing later if needed as there was to be a fair amount of concrete and bitumen to be pored. We started early on in the season when the rain was still coming down on a continued bases. We just rugged up and kept on going.

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For this install there were to be 450 individual plants over approximately 3000 square meters that needed watering. The landscaper (Craig from Garden Toil) and I over-viewed the irrigation design and layout for the watering requirements. With a waterwise plan in mind  we found it best in this case to use adjustable vortex garden drippers that we could stake at the root of each plant. Doing so we could change the water allowance for each species of plant where needed, ensuring good growth and sustainability for the whole site.

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Although we had a few hurdles to concur here and there the final project came together really well and the new store is to open with in the next two weeks I have been told.

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