Introducing Dave & Mel | Farewelling Bede & Vanessa – Mr Retic

Perth Retic Expert: Mr Retic, Perth Reticulation Specialist

Bede has wished Mr Retic a farewell and Mr Retic has welcomed new owners Dave and Mel. You can watch the video here on our Facebook page.

Firstly, we would like to honour the hard work and sacrifice that Bede and Vanessa both poured into Mr Retic to grow it into a great local reticulation business. They grew a great brand that we are super excited to jump on board and run with.

Dave was trained by Hamo at Brighton Reticulation and has been working in the reticulation industry since February 2021. Dave brings a background of trade and industry experience and his worker bee attitude. Mel brings admin experience along with her love of small business and online marketing. We are excited to pick up where Bede left off with Mr Retic, though you may notice some small changes around the place as we find our footing and make our mark on the reticulation industry.

Dave is the new face of Mr Retic, but doesn’t like the limelight, so you’ll find a lot more images of gardens and reticulation than Dave’s face… unless Mel is behind the camera! Dave will be the one who completes the work at your home, investment property or business and we will use sub-contractors when the need arises. We will be intentional about keeping Mr Retic a small operation to ensure all work is done to the highest standard.

Dave is very particular about focusing on the job at hand and giving our clients his full attention whilst on site, including not answering the phone whilst on the job. If you call, please leave a message for Dave to call you back, or alternatively, you can send him a text or send us an email.

We look forward to working with past Mr Retic customers, and new customers going forward.