failing solenoids: sprinklers are running with controller turned off. Why???


If your sprinklers continue to run whilst reticulation system is turned off it is more than likely you have failing solenoids.

In a case like this, the master solenoid would have failed (if you have one) and another solenoid that controls the sprinklers that are running.

To fix failing solenoids, you will need to find the faulty station (zone) solenoid and replace it, as well as finding the master solenoid and replace that also.

Sounds easy, right. Sure, as long as you know where your solenoids are located. If you don’t know where your solenoids are, we can have a look for you and use our solenoid detector to find them.

Once we have found the failing solenoids we can replace them for you. We will try and swap the inner parts of the solenoid if it is a current brand before we replace the entire solenoid unit. 90% of the time we are able to replace the old inner working pieces and replace them with new ones, which fixes the solenoid issues. If this doesn’t work, or if you don’t have a current brand solenoid we will have to replace the whole solenoid unit.

To replace a failing solenoid unit we dig back the sand around the solenoid and pipes to expose the pipe work. We then cut out the old solenoid and replace it with the new solenoid and reattach the pipe work.

If you are located in our service area and need a hand replacing your solenoids, contact us to book in a job.