Choosing Lawn: Which Lawn Do I Choose?

choosing lawn

Choosing lawn can be really tough. Your friends will give you suggestions for the turf type they love, but not all turf will perform the same.

Things to consider for choosing a lawn;

  • What area of Perth you are in – salt tolerance if you are in a coastal area
  • Your existing soil type
  • How much sun & shade the area gets through the day
  • You may have allergies to think about – your family or your pets
  • Maintenance requirements and how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your lawn
  • Water requirements – some types will need more water than others that are ‘drought tolerant’

As you can see, the lawn that Aunty Mary chose for her home in the Perth Hills may not suit the lawn you need for your new home along the coast of Perth.

We use 2 main turf suppliers, Westland Turf & Carabooda Lawn. They give great information to help people choosing lawn, with detailed info on each type of lawn they grow and what it is suitable for.

Once you have chosen your lawn, let us know what you have chosen, along with a sketch of your area to turf & dimensions, along with retic requirements if applicable, and we can provide you a quote.