Broken Retic Wires at the Worst Time

Broken Retic Wires

It’s the last thing you need when new turf has been laid over the weekend. If one of your stations is failing to come on, your lawn is in danger of dying.

We were called out this week to find out why one of the stations weren’t coming on. After a few diagnostic checks in the control box and the station wiring, we found out that there was a break in the station wires – broken retic wires!

Most of the time you can find this broken wire right near one of the stations solenoids. It wasn’t the case in this job. So we did the next best thing. We found the next closest solenoid and with the good connection from there we hooked up an add-a-station. We ran a new cable between the station and got it all running again.

It’s working a treat and the new lawn isn’t in any danger of dry out and will look great once it’s all established.