Backyard Retic & Turf In Clarkson

Mr.Retic Retic and turf Clarkson

It was a dig-out and start again job for this back yard reticulation and turf install. The bobcat when hard at it digging out the old dead lawn and putting in the new premium special lawn mix soil establishing great foundations for the new Empire Zoysia turf.

Mr.Retic 001Mr.Retic 015

This new Empire Zoysia turf a great all round turf, Not just great for the kids and animals to play on without getting itchy.  Its currently the most waterwise turf there is out on the market at the moment coupled with the installation of the Hunter MP Rotator nozzles, this is a great water saving back yard.

Mr.Retic Empire Zoysia ClarksonMr.Retic Turf Clarkson

This lawn looked so good just after the install, but 3 months down the track the having gone through the summer months. This lawn is looking even better I think. It really does make a difference establishing great foundation soil.

Mr.Retic lawn and Retic Clarkson